Mute: Dance Silenced by COVID (2021)

Documentary - Short Film

Duration: 18 mins

Location: United States of America, Brazil

Long Island Film Festival 7/27 Noon - 8/1

Mute: Dance Silenced By COVID is a short documentary of six US dancers and their experiences within the initial months of  COVID. A “light on the other end of the tunnel” story, Mute: Dance Silenced By COVID also speaks on personal reactions to George Floyd’s murder, artist unemployment, new hopes, and creativity.

Director’s Note:
As the world begins to wake from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to be reminded of the joys that kept us going – the arts. The arts laid dark for many months, casting a sector of people from their livelihoods. Mute: Dance Silenced By COVID gives voice to dancers across regions and conversations, as they tell stories of simple life and complex reality. Dance is not solely esoteric, but a digestible and essential part of every culture. This film provides a COVID “time capsule”, one that shares the thoughts of an over-giving (but often undervalued) group of expressive human beings.