Mid-West Dance Educator Terrance Greene Alleged Sexual Predator

Image: Website/Home to Tri-C Creative Arts

Update: The story has been picked up by several sources:
1. Former Cleveland School of the Arts dance instructor accused of sexually assaulting student has history of sexual abuse accusations – Cleaveland.com

2. ’The most disturbing part is that it’s still happening’: Former CMSD, Tri-C dance teacher accused of sexually abusing students over last two decades – Cleveland19.com

On June 19th, 2020, Black professional dancers rally on Facebook to ousted alleged sexual predator Terence Greene from Tri-C Creative Arts and Black dance-service organization affiliation. Through a series of Facebook posts, dancers Puma O Brady, Neemo Spencer, Rashawn Kadeem, and Eric Payne tell tales of their traumatic experiences with loved dance Mid-west educators.

Brady on June 17th, 2020 posted a passionate statement on issues of sexual abuse in the dance world – sharing his story and dismay for dance professionals and dancers who protect predators (sexual) because of their talents; naming Terance Greene.

“What I will say is to people who are protecting these predators (or saying it isn’t your business) to please stop teaching dance, stop being around children, and top creating”, stated Brady.

Let’s make the world a better place for our creatives to strive without feeling like they have to have sex with someone for (an) opportunity.
– Puma O Bradbury

“If you know something PULL UP & SPEAK UP!”, said Ja’ Malik a former Cleveland Ballet dancer, choreographer, and producer of podcast ARTS UNCENSORED.  

With a need for guidance and mentorship, Neemo Spencer looked up to Greene. “Without proper support from my family, I turned to my art to “save me” to help me feel like I too had a pace in this world… My ninth-grade year, I turned to my dance teacher to help guide and support me through my battles at home, but that took an unexpected turn…”, said Spencer. Spencer goes on to say, “The saddest stigma in the gay culture is that gays are pedophiles… (which I later discovered that there’s way more (pedophiles) existing in the hetero community)…Terence Greene didn’t prove the stigma wrong.”

As A Young Black Male in the LGBTQ community we need a place to feel safe… My home life made me feel like I was a disgrace and my dance life made me feel like I was a fetish in Tights – Neemo Spencer

Inspired by Spencer’s brave story, Rashawn Kadeem finds the strength to tell his story. “I never thought the day would come where I’d be bold enough to release my truth. But in order to stop the spread of abuse I must speak out.”  Kadeem is a former student of the Cleveland School of the Arts and Tri-C Creative Arts performer. He started in the vocal music department until dance sparked his interest – meeting Greene as the dance instructor. Kadeem spoke of his time as a member of a dance “men’s group” that Greene invited him to join, which ultimately ended in sexual assault.   “The instructor at the time proceeded to take me to the dressing room to “get my measurements” where he made his first move and gave me head.”  Kadeem later states in the post, that the instructor’s name was Terrence Greene.

“…It left me thinking, was I really good enough or was I A Toy Being used for the pleasure of my suppose to be mentor…Terence Greene has not stopped and I believe he won’t stop until he’s stopped! – RaShawn Kadeem

“I am so uncomfortable doing this right now because my family, friends, and coworkers will see this. I always fear being judged”, said Eric Payne. Like Kadeem and Spencer, Payne felt inspired to stand in solidarity with them and tell his story. As a student of the Cleveland School of the Arts from sixth to tenth grade, Payne struggled with bullying and sexual identity. “He (Greene) used his predatory, empathetic farther tone to convinced me into doing things physically with him as a minor”, said Payne.  From this experience, Payne became traumatized, sick, and even attempted suicide by overdose.

He used his predatory, empathetic father one to convince me into doing things physically with him as a minor. – Eric Payne

Tecia Delores Wilson raises her voice to bring awareness, posting on her Facebook wall on June 19th, 2020.

“CLEVELAND Our Black Sons Need Us! For years there were rumors and whispers and not my brothers are sharing their stories of abuse ( I have attached them below). Terrence Greene was removed from Cleveland School of the Arts due to students saying he molested them. He then worked with Tri-C Creative Arts, regaining access to students. He is a predator!” – Tecia Delores Wilson

Ja’ Malik echoes Wilson’s disdain in another post, voicing his disgust for the Cleveland School of the Arts and Tri-C for allowing such sexual atrocities to occur. Ja’ Malik also called for a termination of Greene’s affiliation with the International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD); directly calls out Denise Thompson, IABD’s CEO, and President. IABD holds a national conference with hundreds of Black dancers auditioning for opportunities.     

The Creative Arts Academy is Cuyahoga Community College’s preparatory program for pre-college students ages three to adult in Cleveland, Ohio. Terrance Greene is Tri-C’s Director of Dance and former dance teacher at the Cleveland School of the Arts.  As of June 28, 2020, there is no mention of Terrence Greene on Tri-C’s website.