His Eyes Saw Dance (2020)

DocuDrama Series - Three Episodes

Location: Washington, DC, Philadelphia

Award-winning Black choreographer and visionary Shawn Short, navigates the white-dominated world of DC dance. His Eyes Saw Dance is a docudrama series that gives light to the behind-the-scenes  of Dissonance Dance Theatre, and The Ngoma School  as Shawn strives to keeps professional Black dance alive as he operates the only contemporary ballet between NYC and ATL. 

Starring: Shawn Short
Featuring: Dissonance Dance Theatre Dancers & Choreographers
Directed by Donovan Johnson
Written by Shawn Short

Director’s Note: I directed this docudrama, His Eye Saw Dance, to make sure that this compelling story saw the light of day. So many times, people who give so much are to selfless to tell their story. With the coaxing of former students, I gather a dedicated film crew of volunteers, trained most of them, and embarked on telling the story of a man in the DC dance scene that had made a significant contribution to art – especially during a time where DC is seeing a major wave of gentrification. During a time where COVID-19 has possibly closed many arts organizations, one rigid soldier pushes to create a space built on diversity, inclusivity, and Black dance traditions…I endorse and stand with this vision. Creating this film helped me reimagine the power of community, and how love for your fellow man can overcome any obstacles.