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Company D

A small-but-mighty Washington, DC dance company, becomes the place for dancers to fulfill their dance careers, under the contemporary ballet vision of Black choreography/visionary Shawn Short.

“Many wonderful dance artists have come through Dissonance Dance Theatre, but I don’t think many folks know that. I wanted the world to know that we are here and we are doing the work to develop creative talent in the DC area.”

– Shawn Short

In partnership with Dog Bark Media, Ngoma Film Works has invested three years into the Company D project. Wanting to share a behind-the-scenes look into the growth of Dissonance Dance Theatre, and The Ngoma School, Ngoma Center for Dance’s desire to tell our story was fruitful with the completion of this wonderful film production.

Special thanks to the DC Film Office, VSI Aerial, and others who made this project possible for Dog Bark Media and Ngoma Center for Dance alike. As an emerging film production company in the Washington, DC area, Company D was our first feature documentary with a budget of more than $100,000.

Dog Bark Media’s mission is to present the stories of life, community, and creativity.
Company D is a movie that we believe touched all three facets of our mission.

With more than 17 former dancers speaking of their time at the “place that fulfills dreams”, Dissonance Dance Theatre dancers tell riveting stories and memories of the company that became “the little engine that could”.

Dissonance Dance Theatre arrived at a time when Washington DC was in redevelopment (after the tenure of Mayor Anthony Williams). This became a time when Black dance entities saw a decline in the city. Dissonance Dance Theatre became a place for Black and non-Black dancers alike.

Director Donovan Johnson states, “As gentrification becomes autonomous, we must remember the communities that have come before our present reality. The story of Dissonance Dance Theatre is one that touches anyone who ever dreamed. As a native to the DC dance scene, Shawn is the perfect person to bridge and be the intersectionality of new communities, creative ingenuity, and hope for a new inclusive DC.”

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Dog Bark Media’s mission is to present the stories of life, community, and creativity

A Black-owned production company started in 2020, Dog Bark continues to grow with each project.

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Cameraman Moses Brown in action. 


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