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Mute: Dance Silenced by COVID

July 5

Mute: Dance Silenced By COVID is an Award-Winning short documentary of six US dancers and their experiences within the initial months of COVID. A “light on the other end of the tunnel” story, Mute: Dance Silenced By COVID also speaks on personal reactions to George Floyd’s murder, artist unemployment, new hopes, and creativity.

Starring: Josephine Starr, Jordon Kesler, Abby Inglett, Zaki A’Jani Marshall, Rachel Byers, Jenna Swartz, Rafael Gomes
Directed by Shawn Short
Choreography by Kareem B. Goodwin & Shawn Short
Written by Shawn Short
Adapted from Original Screenplay Written by Kareem B. Goodwin
Choreographer Assistance by Christine Motta
Dance Improvisation by Cast

Company D

Jan 2022 - Directed By D. Johnson

Company D reveals the behind-the-scenes and performance of Dissonance Dance Theatre’s early-COVID production, Diaspora. The only Black-managed contemporary ballet company between NYC and ATL, Company D sheds light on the cultural adversity, racial dissension, COVID realities, and economical and personal strife endured against all odds, to create a home for Black classical and contemporary dancers and their supporters in Washington, DC.

The Move of His Gay Hips

May 2022 - Directed by D. Johnson

As an annual Washington DC dance production that celebrated and told stories of Black LGBT love, its relationships, and community between 2013 – 2017, DC’s Dissonance Dance Theatre trailblazed a unique voice unearthing and showcasing stories of an often-forgotten community.  Riddled with challenges of production acceptance, personal loss, discrimination, and artist drug abuse and HIV infection, DDT’s Black 2 Silver production lit the stage against uncountable odds and gained loved from an appreciative community.

Newest Collection

Timeless Dance. Remixed.

To watch a dancer move, is seeing magic unfold in front of your eyes. As the Washington, D.C. area’s only Black-managed contemporary ballet, and the only one of its kind between NYC and ATL, DDT is one of a kind. Timeless Dance. Remixed. is an exceptional collection of images showcasing the range, beauty, and artistry of Dissonance Dance Theatre. A joy for lovers of dance and photography. Designed and published by Dog Bark Media.

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